Laser Printer Specialist

Don't throw it away, give it a Second Chance...

Of all the equipment on the office desk, the printer is most often taken for granted. When a printer is down, it begins a chain of events: productivity loss, uncertain repair solutions, unpredictable costs, and employee frustration.

All repairs are done with quality parts by qualified technicians. We give a 90 day limited warranty on labor and all replaced parts.

Second Chance Solutions, Inc. offers Preventive Maintenance Programs to give you more control and certainty in your business decisions. Preventive, sometimes called predictive, maintenance procedures are carried out on a routine basis according to the projected life and operating history of the printer. Over the years, maintenance programs have proven effective in avoiding unnecessary service calls and getting the maximum printing life from the printer. Preventive Maintenance is the most cost effective way to maintain your printers.

Tips and Tricks

Under Wraps

Keep paper in the original wrapper until ready to use.
Store opened paper in a sealed container.